Electricity + Natural Gas  for  Homes + Business

citizens energy group

Natural Gas service is available to businesses in Marion County, Indiana served by Citizens Energy Group.

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national grid

Electricity service is available to all homes and businesses in Rhode Island served by national grid utilities.

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Source Gas

Wyoming customers served by Black Hills Energy utilities are eligible to switch natural gas service to Archer Energy.

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Case Study for Residential Customers

Katie and Matt bought a home in the Chicago area a few months ago.  Shortly after moving in, an Archer Energy consultant contacted them about purchasing natural gas from Archer.  The consultant explained the benefits of Archer Energy's new every day discount program, where you always pay less than the Peoples Gas rate and have a guarantee the price will never be greater than $0.75 per therm.  Katie and Matt signed up and they've saved almost 14% versus the utility! 

Case Study for Rhode Island Business

Business Type:           Office Building

Yearly Consumption:  1,314,000 kWh

Annual Elec. Spend:   $118,000

Archer Energy's sales consultant met with the client to understand how it used electricity, hours of operation and goals.  Archer Energy's analytic team reviewed the company's historical bills and detailed usage patterns.  The final analysis resulted in significant savings.

Savings - purchasing from Archer Energy:  $11,000 (annually)

Savings - demand management:                     $ 3,300 (annually)

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Indianapolis Business ... 

I own a small manufacturing business in Indianapolis that uses a lot of natural gas to make specialty parts for the automotive industry.  I didn't know, until Jack from Archer Energy called, that I had a choice when it came to buying natural gas.  I thought I could only buy from Citizen energy group -- my local delivery company.  I met with Jack a few months ago and he explained three different options that would help my business.  Jack offered a guaranteed savings from the Citizen rate, an index rate that fluctuated with the market and a fixed rate.  Based on my business, Jack recommended a 12-month fixed rate.  He understood that managing my budget and knowing my natural gas costs was important.  It's been a great decision and I have more time to focus on my business.

- Robert K.

Chicago Condominium Association ...

I represent a condominium association in downtown Chicago.  For many years we've purchased gas from Peoples Gas delivery company.  We didn't really understand the process or risks associated with changing a utility supplier.  Archer Energy's John R. called me one day and explained in simple terms how it all worked.  John made it sound simple, so we scheduled a time to review our natural gas requirements.  After a thorough review John recommended that we take advantage of the historically low natural gas prices, and lock in a fixed rate for the next 24 months.  The condo association agreed and we switched to Archer Energy.  The results have been fantastic!

- Mark S

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Our trained energy consultants can help you with your electricity and natural gas needs for your business.  We can consult with you by telephone or in person.

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About Us

Archer Energy, LLC is a leading provider of natural gas and electricity located in Powell Ohio.  We strive to provide the highest level of customer service while offering the most competitive prices in the industry.

Address: 4026 N Hampton Dr., Powell OH  43065

Toll Free Phone: 1-844-795-7491

Email: info@archerenergyllc.com

Fax:  (614) 360-3542

Our Services

We sell electricity and natural gas to businesses in Chicago, Indianapolis, Wyoming and Rhode Island.  

We are regionally focused so that we can understand the market conditions better than our competition and provide our customers with exception value.  

Archer Energy can help homes and businesses of all sizes control electricity and natural gas costs.  Personal service, experience and integrity are just of few of the reason you should have peace of mind when selecting Archer Energy.

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